Shadows are required for all Junior teams
  • Only the Junior teams are to be shadowed on the Saturday.   
  • No Senior or Open team should be shadowed on either day, unless they are not contesting the Trophies.
  • The shadow’s role is to be on hand when needed but not otherwise.
  • The independence of the team is important and it neither helps their self-esteem nor their learning experience if you interfere when not required.
  • There is only a very brief “briefing” at the start, as we do not wish to delay the start of the hike, so please read the rules, etc, and the following before you come.
  • Be sure your team identifies their correct control flags for their specific course by looking at the flag numbers shown on their control card boxes.  
  • The team needs to select the description specific to their flag numbers.  The flags will be well-hidden.  
The type of problems that might require your help are as follows:
  • The team has got sufficiently lost for it to be seriously delayed unless advised where they are.
    • In which case show them where they are and guide them back on to their route - then let them continue again on their own, if you think they are competent enough.
  • Someone ill, injured or tired.
    • Phone the Controller as soon as possible using the emergency number on your map.
    • Arrange transport for the ill/injured/tired member, and agree the pick-up point.
    • Don’t leave the patient unattended and keep the team with you at all times.  
  • Team’s navigation is far too bad for them to manage
    • Try to continue and use the opportunity to teach navigation, giving them bits to do
    • If all else fails, take over the navigation completely.
  • Ensure you learn of any member’s disabilities, medical condition, etc.
  • Insist on donning waterproofs when needed, and fluorescent materials after 4.00pm.
  • Keep to footpaths at all times unless essential to use a road, then be very careful!
  • Shadows will need a Silva type compass – and be familiar with how to use if needed!
  • You must collect a laminated duplicate of the team’s map and the flag detailed location sheet at Registration. The maps show ALL the controls for the entire set of 12 courses. 
  • You MUST carry a mobile phone, but we do not expect to hear from you UNLESS you have an emergency.  Leave your name and its number with Registration at the start.
  • You will need to carry a first aid kit and be competent in treating minor injuries.
  • At the end of the hike please complete the report form on how you think your team performed – and hand it in at the Finish.   Hopefully they will have done all the navigation themselves and you will have just been a passenger (but hopefully enjoyed the hike anyway).
  • It is important that we know the degree to which teams have been helped, as it would be unfair otherwise on teams that had not been helped; so please be honest with your comments.
  • Finally, thank you for volunteering - it makes our organisation a lot easier.