Day 1

Registration and the Start HQ - Is the same for all teams
  • Please make sure you are completely familiar with the logistics requirements for event
  • Check the weather
  • Make sure you are properly equipped
  • And remember - everyone Starts at the same place: Start HQ
    • Only Juniors return to the Start HQ on Day 1
    • Open and Seniors finish Day 1 at the OVERNIGHT CAMPSITE and return to the Start HQ at the end of Day 2

Start HQ

Junior Returns

Day 1 Saturday 24th November

Betty Messenger Building

Arrival and Registration - All Participants

The Start HQ for ALL participants is:
  • The HQ is open for registration from 7.30am.
  • Please follow signs and Marshals’ instructions for parking. 
  • Please do not block anyone in. 
  • Ensure you register as soon as possible once all your team and Shadow (if applicable) has arrived.
  • Ensure you register for the correct competition and confirm all your team's entry form details are correct.
  • Any last minute changes to team members' details  can be made here 
  • Any queuing is usually short.
    At registration, teams will receive:
    1. Laminated course map showing ALL control points
    2. Control Flag location description sheet
    3. Grimsdyke Hike commemorative badges
    Any Shadows will receive a duplicate set of the map and the location description sheets

Starting and Check-Out
  • After registration, teams move to the Starter's Table for any last-minute briefing. 
  • Teams may start any time they are ready between 7.30am and 9.30am. 
  • The Starter will give the team their Control Card, pre-printed with the flag numbers in the order to be visited 
  • The Starter will mark the team number and the start time on the team’s Control Card and on the “tear-off” stub. 
  • The stub is a safety measure to account for every team out on the course 
  • The Starter will then allow the team onto the course.
Watch Outs!
  • Each Control Card lists a different route: teams cannot assume that the team ahead is going the same way as them! 
  • If you switch categories on the day, you MUST inform Registration, otherwise you will set out on the wrong course!
On the Course
  • Routes
    • Keep to footpaths and rights of way
    • The quickest route on Day 1 is generally by visiting the flags in the order on the Control Card. 
    • The route between Controls is up to the team 
  • Controls
    • When finding a Control, ensure the correct square on the Control Card is punched using the clipper
    • Ensure the Control Card is properly pierced, once only. 
    • Report any missing Controls to HQ 
    • If you can’t find a Control, phone HQ on the emergency number 
    • HQ will try to replace the missing flag 
    • If HQ finds the Control is in the correct location, you won’t score points for it.
  • Shooting
    • Teams may encounter shooting parties during the weekend 
    • If a team meets a shooting party, the Shoot Stewards will advise teams when it is safe to proceed – the delay should be less than five minutes. Please be courteous and considerate.
    Leaving the Course
    • No one is to leave the course without first informing the Event HQ. Otherwise we may be obliged have to send out search parties and involve the Rescue Services.
    • Darkness falls between 4.00 and 4.30pm. At which time, teams still out on the course, teams should check with the Transport Number 
    • For Junior teams, Shadows should decide whether or not to allow their teams to continue after dusk or to call for Transport 
    • Open/Senior teams must phone the transport number after 4.00pm if they are not already in Camp to agree whether they can continue to walk to camp or call for Transport .
    Junior Teams: Return and Check-In back at Start HQ
    • Junior teams will return to the Start HQ.
    • On return, teams should hand the punched Control Card to the Finish Marshal who will confirm and record the official time.
    • The teams members and Shadows should re-confirm that the team membership, event category and composition are still correctly recorded.
    • The punched card will be compared with the master and scored.