Overnight & Day 2

Only Senior and Open participants camp overnight
  • Teams must double-check they are entered in the correct category (even if non-competing)
  • And teams must not swap events once they have started on the course...
  • If you are Senior or Open team and end up back at HQ at the end of Day 1, you are in the wrong place
  • If you are a Junior team and end up at the campsite at the end of Day 1, you are in the wrong place


Day 2 Start

Day 2 Finish

Close Down

The Overnight Campsite for Senior and Open participants is:

Christmas Common

Campsite – Registration
  • Team arriving at the site at the end of Day 1 must register with the Camp Marshall
Campsite - Supervision
  • Each team will be required to show his/her Event Passport at registration at the overnight campsite
  • Each team is responsible for completing their own “NAN” forms and following the normal Nights Away procedures: NOT the Organisers.
  • https://members.scouts.org.uk/nightsawaypermits
  • Any overnight supervising leaders should must be suitably certified.
  • Teams’ Scout Leaders are requested to be contactable available at all times – e.g. leave mobile phone numbers with the Camp Marshall if going off site etc.
Campsite – Pitching and Parking
  • There is limited parking at the campsite. Scout Leaders are asked to camp at some distance from their teams to allow teams their full independence 
  • Teams will be instructed where to pitch when they arrive. 
  • Neither hexamine nor pierced blue gas canisters are allowed on site. 
  • Empty fuel canisters should be left beside bin bags (not in them due to risk of bin bags being burned). 
Senior and Open Teams: Briefing for Day 2
  • There will be a briefing in the Campsite mess tent for one representative from each team at a time to be announced on site at arrival.

Day 2 Sunday 25th November

Starting and Check-Out from Overnight Site
  • The course opens at 8.00am when teams may leave the campsite if they are ready and have had their pitch inspected and signed-off.
  • Teams must check-out with Camp Marshall as soon as they are ready to leave and will be given an official start time.
Starting and Check-In back at Start HQ
  • Teams will walk back to the Start HQ.
  • The course closes at 2.00pm when flags will be retrieved from the course.
  • Any difficulties on the course, or being unable to return before 2.00pm, teams should phone the Transport number
  • The maximum time allowed for Day 2 is 5 hours, regardless of what time teams leave.
  • On return, teams should hand their punched Control Card to the Finish Marshal who will confirm and record the official time.
  • The teams members should re-confirm that the team membership, event category and composition are still correctly recorded.
  • The punched card will be compared with the master and scored. 
  • The entire event and Start HQ will close down at about 3.30pm. All team members should be collected before then.